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Act. Report.


The platform for operational excellence and safety management



Better inspections.

Expect what you inspect. Improve the quality, safety and reliability of your organization. Drive your team to operational excellence. Learn more →

Health and safety is a fundamental right of all people. Safety Changer empowers you to make health and safety a number one priority. Herewith saving lives, money on claims and creating a safety culture in which we all coexist as a result.
— Kevin van Cauter | BFT Tanker Logistics




More observations. Actionable insights.

Engage your organization in improving the safety and reliablity of the core process on a smart and fast way. Learn more →

“When it comes to incident management, Safety Changer is our number one! Simple, clear and easy to use; all relevant information concerning an incident is directly available.”
— Frits Carlebur | Geerdink


Same team, faster improvement cycles.

Secure your progress in the improvement process with actions as to-do. Learn more →

Safety Changer supports us in realizing our RI&E in a time efficient way. We are able to focus more on the execution of the improvement plan.
— Rob Lange | Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond


Easy reports.

Be always up to date for every manager’s report on improvement process status. Learn more →

InspectionChanger helps us in a contemporary, mobile way to do inspections and automate reporting.
— Rob Kooper | Schiphol Group


Enterprise ready.

Safety Changer integrates perfectly with your existing systems and databases. There is no need to migrate an existing system as Safety Changer can be set up to fill its data automatically. Learn more →



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