Safety Changer for Construction

Create a safer construction site by engaging everyone within your team.

Get more work done in less time

  • Inspect tools, equipment and goods incoming
  • Sign-off sub-contractor work completion
  • Audit quality of work
  • Assess work site safety

Do it in an innovative way

  • Report incidents easily, with video’s, photos and any vital comment under one minute.
  • Assess your daily risks using an interactive LMRA template on the device of your preference.
  • Have all forms and checklists available anywhere and anytime.
  • Analyze the data and detect trends via your realtime dashboards.


    •    Get a realtime update of your assets via a clear dashboard.
    •    Conduct your LMRA’s, inspections and audits on a user friendly app.
    •    Report an incident with all necessary information in a minute.
    •    Gather all the reports in a case file and assign an action as follow up.
    •    Get a realtime overview of the different deviations.