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New release

We’re merging the functionality of our 3 apps (ObservationChanger, ActionChanger and InspectionChanger) into 1. By doing this, our uses no longer need to update or log in to the different app, but just one! This results in better adaptation and roll outs. Besides that we’re going to expand the functionality, so you can do more stuff from your mobile device. Think of viewing completed inspections, assigning actions and pick up observations. We’ll keep you updated on these exciting changes!



Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC (FOT), is a world class 1.177 million cubic meter onshore oil storage facility based in the rapidly developing port of Fujairah, south of the Straits of Hormuz on the Indian Ocean.
This storage facility is built up to the best industry specification and meets the latest international standards, complying with the latest HSEQ standards with OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015. 
FOT can handle the full spectrum of petroleum products and is the first to handle crude oil as an independent terminal in the region. Product stored include Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Gasoil Gasoline and Gasoline blending components.  FOT provides all terminal required services as receipt from and delivery to ships, Blending and circulation, additivation, heating, mixing, inter-tank transfers, pipeline transfers to neighboring terminals and ship to ship transfers.
Safe operations are of the highest importance in our line of work, and it is for this reason FOT is continuously seeking for improvement possibilities of her safety performance.
One of the ways to achieve this is by actively measuring and monitoring our terminals infra structure and performance, and identify and eliminate or mitigate  any issues before they can become harmful to people, environment or assets.
The Safety Changer solution gives FOT exactly the means to do this.
Each shift uses the Inspection Changer tool to monitor the terminal twice a day, any observations done during these inspections are immediately recorded in Observation Changer and shared among all relevant staff.
If required actions are assigned to responsible staff to ensure a closed loop from identifying a (potential) issue to the correction and/or mitigation of this issue.
The Safety Changer tool has proven itself to be easy to implement and operate in a highly demanding environment like a busy oil terminal as FOT.
Together with the support and training we received from the Safety Changer team, it is now fully integrated in our terminal, helping us in achieving our targets on e.g. Safety, Maintenance, and in Operation.
In the digitalizing process of the FOT terminal, Safety Changer is therefore playing an important role!



At Safety Changer we’ve been building safety management systems for clients in the past 4 years. With us facing the GDPR-challenges above, we decided to use our own platform to build a closed-loop GDPR-compliance-management system. In close co-operation with data-security specialist and partner True-XS we’ve developed a set of micro-app templates that cover an 8-step GDPR roll-out within our organisation. It took us 4 months to get it sorted out, but now that we’ve got our own compliance covered, we’re making our GDPR-templates available to you. Now we’re offering one platform together with all of our templates in one package. It’s pretty simple!

Our solution

  • Safety Changer now offers a complete and comprehensive GDPR-kit to get your personal data management done. One app, full compliance.
  • One online portal including a full set of tested micro-app templates for procedures, policy and checklists. All GDPR administration digital, in one place.
  • One mobile app for anyone involved to only give access to the procedures and checks applicable to that person. Anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t get any easier
  • Minimise administrative burden on your departments by using only one platform for GDPR compliance.

✓ The micro-app templates cover documentation of 8 key steps:

Personal data inventory

  1. Personal data inventory
  2. Privacy lead information
  3. Lawful bases for processing personal data
  4. Risk assessment for processing personal data
  5. Data protection policies
  6. Privacy notices
  7. Internal procedures
  8. Vendors vetting

✓ The platform allows you to plan, assign and perform scheduled checks to ensure continuous correctness

✓ The micro-app templates are ready-to-use in the app for correct change implementation

✓ Customisation of the micro-app templates can be done easily and without IT-involvement using the editor, so every unique case can be covered

✓ 1 App (iOS and Android) runs the micro-apps on the devices of every person involved

In short: 1 Central platform with pre-defined GDPR-micro-apps and a straightforward Management Dashboard, supported by clear & automated PDF-reports on each step in the continuous compliance process.

Curious how about how you’re doing with GDPR, do the quick-scan and find out.