Get rid of paper!


Try out InspectionChanger to:

  • Discover how all your inspections can become digital
  • Learn how to replace paper in your organisation
  • Find out how you can save both money and the environment
  • Check how we can help you with your digital transformation!

    On the workfloor:

    • You can fill in all your forms on your phone or tablet; never use paper again. 
    • You can add evidence at every question: put your autograph down, make a photo or video with the camera or upload a file.
    • Scan your QR-codes, barcodes and NFC-tags.
    • After you filled in a form, you will get the report in your mailbox as a PDF-file.

    When you're a supervisor:

    • You can make your own forms very easily
    • Instantly assign forms to the (groups) users that need it 
    • Use conditionality, rules and labels when creating questions to make the filling in of the forms more efficient and faster
    • Analyse the data you get, use the dashboard and get insights in trends 

    Get rid of paper!


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