Benefit from enterprise features

Configure your implementation to fit your organizations' systems and structures. Benefit from these features in teams of all sizes, especially in teams from 250 users and up



Configure each block to fit your existing organizational structure, process and workflow. Label all reports and each of the mobile apps to leverage your (employer) brand


Start small today, grow big tomorrow. Your system automatically scales with new users, new use-cases and new data


Save cost, benefit from 10x better, 10x faster, 10x more cost effective


Leverage your existing systems. Use the open API for integrations. Whether in small team systems, or in large scale enterprise systems. Also integrates w/ SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM


Work offline and synchronize seamlessly when online again


Build your custom management system with 5 user-friendly building blocks


Implement your logo and identity into the dashboard and report lay-outs


Leverage your (employer) brand by using customized dashboards, reports and apps


Own your data, store it in your own database, control import and exports


Be safe thanks to our ISO27000 compliant enterprise-grade secure by design architecture, covering SSO, Encryption, Blockchain and TFA

ISO HLS ready

Comply to the ISO High Level Structure as Safety Changer is built to support continuous improvement in 900x, 1400x, 18000, 45000 CO2, real estate and 27000



Multi-language Inspections

Build your templates in any language while managing and reporting in your team's primary language

Multi-language Apps

Translate procedures, checklists and inspections into any language while reporting in just one. See all UIs adapt to the users' language of preference


Make things simple for your team, use mobile apps and responsive UIs to let everyone use the devices of their preference. Allow everyone to participate in the continuous improvement process and tasks. Anywhere, anytime

SSO, TFA, Blockchain

We support Single Sign On, End-to-end Encryption, Blockchain and TFA upon your requirements


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