Create a digital, real time process

Save time and money



Save Time

Save significant amount of time on filling in, processing forms and analysing the data

Do more

Do more inspections with the same team

Save Money

Save money with actionable real time data


Ensure clear feedback and communication between all levels

Engage your team


Mobile First

Easy to use mobile apps, let everyone participate


Instant feedback at every step during the process. Conduct inspections and share the results instantly

Involve your colleagues

Involve your colleagues in building excellence, reliability and safety into the core process




Share Inspection reports instantly


Work on an inspection job together


Notify the team on updated forms and results


Use InspectionChanger to:

Create and share

  • Turn your forms into easy-to-use micro apps with the code-free editor
  • Use the conditionality and label options to instantly detect deviations
  • Share and/or update the forms instantly to (specific) groups of users

Ease of use

  • Fill in the forms on your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Anywhere and anytime, whether you are online or offline
  • Intuitive mobile app (iOS & Android) 
  • Easily add photos, videos, documents and signatures as evidence


  • RFID- and NFC-support
  • Blockchain-ready
  • Full API available


  • Receive (customized) PDF report of every completed form automatically in your mailbox to share or for own administration
  • Analyse findings of the forms and trends using the realtime analytics dashboard
  • Create custom dashboards


Download InspectionChanger for free. Request a "Build Your Own" editor 14-day trial in the app