Save time and money

Create a paperless process



Save time

No more collecting of data and manually creating of management reports

Up to date dashboard

Inform all stakeholders on your progress using the real time dashboards

Single source of truth

One dashboard simplifies communication and alignment on goals and progress 


ReportChanger offers you to:

Analyze the data and discover trends

  • View instant progress on Inspections, Reports and Actions
  • Stop doubting the reliability of handmade reports
  • Eliminate complex and offline excel sheets
  • Filter and analyze with one interactive dashboard
  • Realtime data at your fingertips

Create custom dashboards

  • Give customers access to their own dashboard
  • Insights in what really matters to you

Share Reports

  • Easily export data snapshots
  • Share your reports with a simple link
  • Manage access based on team, function or location

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